The reason you need even a trip!

17 October, 2016 Travel

This is why you need to plan for the immediate vacation here! Despite the return to work after a long holiday weekend with labor holidays make us bored, but you have noticed that colleagues, friends seems everyone has brightly than not? The reason is because both mentally and physically everyone is resting comfortably. So do not ever strenuous work then, when the body is overloaded, the whole mood and your health will be affected more or less there.


Physical health, according to a recent study showed that those who did not travel or rest within 5 years will have a stroke risk 30% higher than a year who have to spend more than a week to tourism, resort. And when you select vacation locations also need to consider many issues offline. If you choose remote locations, you should plan specific and time off should also last longer. As if the travel time is too long and you did not have time to recover and rest, the trip was not going to work. Mental health Overwork and stress will lead to too much stress will affect the psychology and our spirit. According to one study, those who work 11 hours a day or more likely to fall prey to depression, even though previously they had never been so. Add more reason to relax Take time not only helps relax the mind, your body is relaxation, but when returning to work, productivity will be increased substantially, too! According to researcher Mark Rosekind, only 2 weekends after work productivity of the average person will increase more than 80%; and also quicker reflexes 40% compared to those who work through the weekend. Creative abilities also tend to increase when … you’re not in the office there. According to a recent survey, the staff of CNN said the idea came to them most often on holidays or weekends. It is simple but, because the time to rest, our brains have the opportunity to “breathe”, relax and float the idea to so alone!

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